Bass Guitar/Vocals

Mark Mayer Band RI BW

Mark Mayer Band RI

Mark Mayer first picked up the guitar at the age of 12. By age 13 he was already playing in a local band. Since then Mark has played for several local and regional acts handling Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals and at times functioning as the band’s stage manager. When not working with his current band, he performs regularly as a Solo Acoustic Performer in local venues and for private events. Mark’s performances are interactive and feature the songs that we all know.

He runs a weekly Open Mic that is now in its 10th+ year, as well as a Music Showcase down the Jersey Shore. In addition, Mark has worked as an Instructor and Show Manager for The School of Rock.

An avid Beatles fan, Paul McCartney was the inspiration for Mark to pick up the guitar and is still the biggest influence for his musical style and direction.

Acoustic Solo Performer

Mark Mayer Brighton Bar Acoustic

Mark Mayer Acoustic Brighton

Central New Jersey based and available for both public and private events. Performing your Classic Rock favorites from the 50’s through today. Mark performs regularly at local venues with songs and shenanigans that are custom tailored to each event and venue.